Troy the Odyssey


Action / Adventure / Fantasy


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mcetn 10 / 10

Troy The Odyssey is very good indenpendent film.

I just watched Troy The Odyssey with my kids. We loved it. It's low budget film but we enjoyed film. Good story and good film. I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by nehanks 10 / 10

Low-budget wonder

Low-budget wonder. I have been reading some of the other reviews and can see that most of those people have been watching the studio huge budget movies and trying to make them comparable to this. I am amazed that on a small budget someone could make something as true to the actual writings of Homer as this. I think this should be reviewed only by people who have read the Iliad and are in the spirit of that writing. Kudos to those who put their time and effort into this excellent low-budget film I believe many people will follow in your footsteps. We are sick of studio cookie-cutter garbage.

Reviewed by mehmettduygu 10 / 10

Great movie

I think it's a great movie, the subject is great, but some people are complaining, I dont understand why. If Brad Pitt was in this movie, I am sure that everyone will vote better, I watched it with my daughter and we both enjoyed the film, thanks to the producers and players,Well done

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