The Bold, the Corrupt, and the Beautiful


Mystery / Thriller


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BasicLogic 0 / 10

Jesus, what pretentious, messy film!

This is perhaps the worst film that had ridiculously won several awards of the Taiwanese Golden Horse Film Festival 2017. The whole screenplay got serious time-era periodical mistakes, a messy wrong intertwines of political, regional, social background. This film is so pretentiously scripted, directed and acted by all the members involved in this production.

We have seen in this film a strong influence of the Japanese culture that has been obsessed by the Taiwanese people. The settings were so messy, sometimes Japanese, sometimes ancient Chinese, sometimes island Taiwanese. The costumes in this film showed specially designed modern current dresses, but the staging furnitures were ancient of 1950~1960, even with the old TV. The ridiculous dialog not just pretentious but totally out of sync with layouts of the film's time frame, so messy and so moronically drafted. The time frame of this film is the most serious mess-up, so confusing, with all the old furnitures around, modern costumes, buffet, wi-fi and cellphone communication.....Nothing is right, just a randomly patched up lousy production work. The actings of all the people performed in this film were just horrible to watch, their dialog and performance were all ruined by the pretentious, clueless dialog, so every one in this film inevitably acted so pretentiously and so awkwardly.

This major winner of the 2017 Taiwan Film Festival only exposed how poor the taste of those film judges were and how pretentious they were. "The Grand Buddha+" was mediocre but not too ridiculous to watch, but this film, my, my, my, is just so over-the-top painfully to watch. It's a messy, absurd farce.

Awarding this film as the big winner 2017 only proved how shallow and unreliable of this so-called Taiwanese Film Festival, a certified laughable joke!

Reviewed by TheBigSick 0 / 10

A dark and cynical mystery thriller

"The Bold, the Corrupt, and the Beautiful" depicts three shrewd women, unfolds a murder case and reveals dark politics. The Taiwanese writer-director Ya-che Yang is surprisingly ambitious as he tries to go deep into the discussion about humanity in a cynical way. And he succeeds in the sense that he won the Best Picture in the Golden Horse. From a more critical point of view, the film lacks some basic elements in a mystery thriller and does not deserves the award. The performance of the Hong Kong veteran Kara Hui is stunning and proves that she is one of the best Chinese actresses of all time.

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