Brain on Fire


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by M Moghees Tahir 10 / 10

The rating doesn't Justify the MOVIE!

Let me start by stating I gave this movie a 10. OK.. may be got too excited but it doesn't deserve anything less than a 8. The negative comments are beyond my understanding. The story is based on true events. So obviously the end of the movie will depict what happened in reality. But I loved the ending. you have to watch this. The acting done by every one specially Chloe and the Dad was simply amazing. The direction of the movie was great. Gives you something to watch. You stay hooked to this movie till the end. I mean for me i wish the movie was a bit longer. It ended too soon. If I'm not wrong, I think they call it giving depth to the character. And that has been done brilliantly in this movie. No spoilers. But its a much watch. Ignore the negative comments and the low rating. If nothing, I Promise you once your done, u would have learned something new about medical science. But that is just an understatement.

Reviewed by hdzenis 9 / 10

Job Well Done

This movie is about a very serious topic. The movie itself isn't all that complicated, but it makes you think about the the whole psychiatric system and all the wrong and serious diagnosis given to various of people, especially young ones. The main actress did a great job. Her name is Chloe Grace Moretz and yes she's just adorable. The movie really surprised me, in a good way, and yes I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by benjaminwg 9 / 10

See it

Wow. This is a great case that psychiatry is basically a pseudoscience from a prior century, and unfortunately it's still a fallback for medical doctors when they can't explain a neurological problem -- much like in even prior eras when natural phenomenon that were unexplained would be chalked up to supernatural causes. Brain on Fire was nerve wracking and suspenseful. Maybe it wasn't quite as artful as A Beautiful Mind, but the acting was at least good enough and I agree with the other reviews: important subject matter.

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